Eating healthily and from scratch doesn’t just have to be about cooking huge meals. To be honest, I often don’t eat what I’ve cooked, I’m often not hungry after I’ve been cooking for everyone else. I’m just as happy with a decent sandwich. It’s probably down to the 43 years of pounding the wards in the NHS and eating on the go that I like sarnies so much.

The nice thing about sandwiches etc, is the absolute variety of bread you can use, from wraps to pitta and obviously just a sliced loaf.

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to bread, mainly because cheap bread tends not to like me very much. So we usually bake our own or buy what hubby calls ‘proper bread’ (According to him, that means it’s either wholemeal or has seeds and nuts etc).

The best thing about making sandwiches is you can put whatever you like between 2 slices of bread and one of my favorites is ham and salad with just a dash of English mustard. There are a huge variety of sandwich fillers to use, my granddaughter loves egg mayo, hubby likes anything with salad. Give my grandson a sausage butty, and he’s happy.

NB. I usually use ham I’ve baked myself, I try and restrict bought ham from the deli counter as it’s often filled with preservatives. (If you’re using home baked ham, you know what’s been added in the cooking process).

There’s so many ideas out there for making a decent sarnie, I can’t possibly cover them all. Just think out of the box when looking for ideas.