A history of Cooking Together

After 12 months of monthly workshops, meeting after “Fresh Food” on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Crosby One, we had a rethink on the Cooking on a Budget workshop. During that year we had approximately 30 people attend the sessions, learning how to prepare low budget meals using a slow cooker. 

However, now we are changing direction slightly, keeping the same idea-home cooked meals, low cost but nutritious but using a variety of cooking means, not just a slow cooker.

We have now changed venue, we will be using the school hall at Scunthorpe C of E school. Ten people will join us for 5 weeks as we demonstrate a different recipe each week, covering basic cooking techniques and hopefully sharing ideas on tasty food by Cooking Together.








Registered nurse, wife, mum and nana. I've had my share of 'hard times' when a child and also in the early years of being married. I learned a lot about how to make the pennies stretch further, so I'm going to share my little hints and tips with you...