Happy new year everyone.

Let’s make this the year we decided to start eating a lot more healthily than we’ve done previously by cooking a lot more of our meals from scratch rather than depending on the processed ready made stuff.

In the process, I can practically guarantee we’ll save money by buying and eating a lot less processed food and who know’s, if needed we may even lose a bit of weight in the process.

I’m looking forward to an exciting journey with my new cooking from scratch blog, I’ve been thinking about setting it up for a while. (Since retiring from my nursing job last October) but just never got around to it. I don’t really make New year’s resolutions but I did decide this New Year to get on and create it.

So here it is…..



Registered nurse, wife, mum and nana. I've had my share of 'hard times' when a child and also in the early years of being married. I learned a lot about how to make the pennies stretch further, so I'm going to share my little hints and tips with you...