We love garlic bread, but what I don’t like, is buying garlic butter. I find it really pricey for the small amount you get. So years ago I decided to start making my own and I’ve never looked back. I can’t remember the last time I bought it.

I was rummaging about in my freezer the other morning and found a long loaf I’d forgotten about. It’s been in there a few weeks so I knew it would be a tad past it’s best. I hate waste so I decided to use it as garlic bread for a spaghetti bolognaise tea I’m planning tomorrow for the kids. The kids reckon my home made garlic bread is so yummy you can eat it as a snack just by itself, (Not that I’m boasting or anything lol).


Bread (obviously). I normally make my own bread and would use that. but I was in Liddl the other week and they had several long loaves on offer for 20 pence each. I couldn’t resist that, so I bought a few, shoved them in the freezer and promptly forgot about them. I rescued this one and sliced it up ready to make nice and garlicky.

You can use any type of bread for garlic bread. I often use home made bread rolls. Sliced bread is about the only one I think isn’t suitable but you could use it if you were really pushed.

Garlic butter ingredients.

You can use butter or spread. I always buy Lurpak (because we love it), but any type of spread will do. (I’ve never tried margarine, but if you’re pushed it may taste ok if you get a decent one.

Garlic, You can use crushed garlic cloves, I sometimes use the marinated garlic you can buy from home bargains for about 98 pence a jar. or even garlic powder. It all works.

A pinch of mixed herbs. (Optional). I think mixed herbs gives the garlic butter a nice tangy flavour plus it looks nice when the butter is spread on the bread. Again it’s a matter of taste.

An airtight container, those you get from your local Chinese takeaway are ideal, (I save all mine). You can also buy these containers from Home Bargains or Poundland very cheaply.

I use half a tub of the butter and place it in a dish. Add the garlic, mixed herbs and mix thoroughly. And that’s it…

Make sure your bread is sliced and spread your garlic butter mixture ensuring you butter right to the edges of the bread. You don’t need a huge amount, so don’t overdo the butter. I then stick 2 slices of bread, butter side together and wrap them individually in foil.

Put your foil bread packages in a dish and put into the oven to cook on a medium heat for aprox 15 minutes. (You could also use your air fryer).

You could eat them now, but I always unwrap each foil package and pop it back into the oven to crisp off slightly first. You’ll find if you do this, the bread won’t become soggy with the butter.

Hopefully you’ve got quite a lot of your garlic butter left. This is where your airtight container comes in. Scoop all that’s left into the container, snap the lid shut and put it in the fridge. It will last for a couple of weeks

And that’s it… 

Herby garlic bread that costs just pennies….


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