Lemon Love cake was one of my favourite puds back when I was at school, and I’ve got to admit, it’s still one of my favourites today. I daren’t make it too often because it’s pretty much laden with calories and I can really pig out on it, especially with hot custard.

I haven’t made it for a while, so thought I’d treat the grandkids and see if they would like it as much as I do. (They did and so did hubs).

I made my own lemon curd for this which made it extra tasty. Otherwise you can buy lemon curd really cheaply from Tesco/Asda or any of the other big supermarkets..

This makes quite a large pud, so just half the ingredients if you want a smaller cake. Alternatively you could just use half the dough and freeze the rest for another day.

10 oz Plain Flour
7 ½ oz Butter/Marge
½ oz of Baking powder (You could try this with self raising flour, I suspect it will be just as good).
5 oz sugar (Caster sugar is better, but you could use ordinary)
1 egg
Aprox ½ jar of lemon curd or enough to taste. (Don’t overdo the lemon curd, otherwise it may be sickly)..

Add the baking powder to the flour and mix well. If you use self raising flour, don’t bother with the baking powder. Cream the margarine and sugar together until it’s nice and fluffy then add the egg. Add some of the flour with the egg so it doesn’t curdle and mix well, slowly adding the rest of the flour and baking powder. Mix it all into a dough like consistency. (It will be a tad sticky but don’t worry about it). Put the dough in the fridge to chill for aprox 20 mins (It can stay longer if you want to prep it earlier in the day).

Thoroughly grease a tin, you can use a swiss roll tin though I like to use a small square cake tin that I have handy. Divide the chilled dough into 2 equal pieces. (Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly equal, rough measures will do. Roll out the first piece until it’s the size of your tin, lift it carefully and press into the sides of the tin so it fully fits the bottom. If it breaks a bit or doesn’t quite fit then just patch it up until it does, no one is going to see this bit.

Spread the lemon curd evenly over the dough in the tin so it’s all covered. Roll out the 2nd piece of dough as before making sure it’s big enough to fully cover the top. (Tip, sit the tin over the dough to make sure it will be big enough). If the dough breaks then patch it, you won’t see the join when it’s cooked. Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 180°c until it’s a lovely golden brown colour.

Sprinkle with some extra sugar to give it a final ‘finished’ look. Serve it with hot custard, you’ll definately want seconds…


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