I used to love Manchester Tart at school, and a few years ago decided to have a bash at making it. All my family seemed to love it, so I’ve made it off and on ever since.

Manchester Tart is a great way of using banana’s that are just starting to ripen a tad too much. So you’re not only making something delicious, you’re also saving on the waste.

I had a couple of sweet pastry cases left in the cupboard that needed using up so I used them. H
owever to cut costs  you could make a sweet pastry case and bake it blind. 

As much raspberry/strawberry jam as you need to put a generous coating on the bottom of the pastry case. Don’t use too much though as it will be sickly.

2-3 bananas
Enough thick custard to fill the pastry case.
Enough desiccated coconut to give a nice sprinkle on the top of the custard. 

If you’re using a shop bought pastry case, unwrap it ready to be filled. If making your own, make your sweet pastry and bake blind in the oven until golden brown and leave to cool.

Put enough jam in the bottom of the pastry case to give a good covering. Don’t be tempted to use a lot, otherwise it will be sickly.

Then chop your banana’s and layer on top of the jam.

Making sure the custard has cooled, pour on top of the banana’s until filled to the top of the pastry case, Make a nice swirl on the top for effect. You must make sure the custard is quite thick. If too thin you won’t get the right consistency and it will be gloopy.

Finally swirl your desiccated coconut over the top.

Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to make sure it’s set then serve. (It’s delicious)..

This is a great pud to make with the kids as it’s so easy..



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