I had a load of mashed potato left over on Good Friday and was trying to think what to do with it.

After having a rummage through my freezer, I came up with some white fish I’d frozen a while back so thought it was a great opportunity to make some fishcakes, especially as fish is traditional on Good Friday.

Home made fishcakes are really easy to make, and they taste a lot nicer than shop bought ones.

Recipe (Feed 4 people)

Mash potato, if doing from scratch 4 big potatoes should do it
Whatever fish you can get, I used white haddock though a fish mixture is nice.
1 onion finely chopped (I used spring onions in the one’s I made).
1 egg
100 mls of milk
Flour for dusting (breadcrumbs can be used)
Oil for frying. (Use a non stick pan if possible so you can use just a small amount)
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook your fish and onion in the milk for a couple of minutes in the microwave. If no microwave, cook in saucepan for a few minutes. then drain fish from the milk. (Don’t be tempted to overcook it)
Gently mix the fish mixture with the potato. If using cheese etc add this now.
Add salt and pepper
Let the mixture cool otherwise it will be too soft to handle then form it into fishcake patties
Place the egg into one dish, beat, add the flour to another.
Dip each fishcake into the egg then coat in the flour.
Make sure oil is piping hot in pan before adding each fishcake, cook for approx 5-8 minutes until piping hot in the middle and golden brown on the outsides.

We had them with wedges and baked beans and they were delicious…

NB You could also add cheese to the mixture plus cover in breadcrumbs instead of flour.