Hi folks,

My name is Kim Standerline, welcome to my cooking from scratch blog.

As a youngster growing up back in the 60’s and 70’s with a single mother, four brothers and 2 sisters, life could be a bit tough.

We had very little money, but somehow my mother could always magic a meal out of thin air despite being down to her last few pennies. Her mantra was ‘if you had a bag of potatoes, bread and some eggs, you had a meal’

Despite the poverty we sometimes endured, I don’t ever remember us going hungry even if it was only egg n chips for our dinner and a jam butty for tea..

Mum was a huge believer in cooking from scratch and the best gift she gave her seven children was the ability to cook from practically nothing and use the same magic she had by putting together a meal from whatever was available.

In my early married life, hubby and I were often grateful for my ability to conjure a meal practically out of thin air. Even now I can go and look in the cupboard and just draw inspiration for a meal by the bits n pieces I might have there and in the fridge/freezer.

Sadly in this day and age of super fast living and busy life, cooking, especially from scratch seems to have become a dying art. So many people now buy processed convenience foods because they think it’s quicker and cheaper. Yet processed food if eaten exclusively can be quite bad for you as it usually contains lots of sugar and/or salt and other nasty preservatives.

I don’t deny processed food can be useful, but eating it continuously via ready meals, fast food etc can play havoc with your health. You’ve only got to look at the rising epidemic of obesity and related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes etc in the western world to see how bad it has become and continues to do so.

It’s a fallacy that fresh food is more expensive, in fact the opposite is true. Buying fresh fruit, meat and veg etc is usually a lot cheaper and more nutritional. It just depends where you source it from. Obviously it’s going to be expensive if you buy everything from your local posh supermarket. I use my local greengrocer as he not only delivers, he’s also excellent value for money. You can also buy excellently priced fresh veg and fruit from shops such as Asda, Aldi, Liddl and usually your local market.

This blog isn’t about fancy or posh meals. I want it to relate to those people who struggle at times making ends meet. Those folks with a bit too much month left at the end of their money, or even struggling on benefits.

I’m definitely no Delia Smith or Mary Berry, but what I can do is make a little bit go a long way and taste really good as well.

So buckle up and join me in making delicious meals from scratch…