Oh my goodness, I’ve got to say a resounding yes…..

I’ve used a slow cooker for donkey’s years, probably since they first came out, and I have to say, it’s an integral part of my kitchen. In fact I use my slow cooker nearly every day.

It was invaluable when I was working a ten hour shift. I used to prepare the food the night before, then either start it before I went to work or leave instructions for hubby to turn it on at a particular time and it would be ready for when I got in from work.

I cook just about anything in my slow cooker, from roasts, to stews and casseroles.

I’ve just had to buy a new one as I left my old one to heat up and cracked the ceramic inner pot. (Hubby wasn’t very happy with me). So I decided to get online and do some research before buying another one. A ceramic inner pot obviously wasn’t a good idea so I needed to look for an alternative.

I like to heat my slow cooker up before putting the food in as I usually like to start the food on the hob in a pan and transfer it over. (It saves on cooking time), and I don’t like to put it in a cold cooker hence warming it up first. So I really liked the sound of this Morphy Richards version. It has an inner pot you can actually put on the hob and sear/cook your food to start with, which is great because it saves me having to transfer from a pan to the pot.

I used it for the first time last night to make chilli sausage. (A family favorite), and being able to put it on the hob so I could sear the sausage and start it cooking was great.

Once it was all nicely simmering, all I had to to was lift it into the outer pot to finish cooking.

It has the usual 3 settings, low medium and high, it’s nice and simple to use and I think very good value for money.

It also looks really trendy as well, I bought the red one, it looks super cool in my kitchen. So far, I’m very happy with it..