I thought I’d share this really simple recipe.

It’s something my mum used to make years ago just using potatoes and cheese and I’ve made it often ever since. It jazzes up new potatoes quite nicely.

You can buy a bag of new potatoes from one of the supermarkets that would feed 3-4 people for about a £1. I bought these in the dish for a quid. A handful of grated cheese, a nob of spread/butter a pinch of herbs. The cost would be less than £1.50.

Cut your potatoes into equal portions. If they are quite small, leave them whole. Bring to the boil then simmer gently until tender. Drain them off, then pan dry.

Once dry, turn your potatoes into a bowl and add a knob of butter. Let this melt into the potatoes. Then you an add a sprinkle of herbs followed by the grated cheese. You could put in the oven for a few minutes, but I always prefer to let the cheese just melt onto the hot potatoes.

You can serve it with just about anything. I often do it with salad. I’ve also done it with baked beans and sausage/ bacon etc.

Might make a change for the kids and spouse etc from just boring old mash..

Tip If not using new potatoes, try adding cheese and maybe a bit of onion to your mash. It makes a real difference to the flavour and you don’t need to use much..


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