As I do lots of cooking and baking for my family, my electric cooker is used a great deal.

I’m conscious I use loads of electricity when using it and as we all know, electricity doesn’t come cheap nowadays, so I’ve been looking for a solution to save a few pennies.

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Halogen ovens recently. My brother owns one and swears by how good it is so the other day I took the plunge and invested in an Andrew James model. (Much like the one in the video below).

I’ve had a couple of tries using it (none of which were particularly successful), so thought I’d better look for some help.

I want to cook a chicken tomorrow, this couple seem to have halogen oven cooking all sewn up and I particularly enjoyed the video below on how to cook a chicken so I’m going to give it a try.

Fingers crossed…



Registered nurse, wife, mum and nana. I've had my share of 'hard times' when a child and also in the early years of being married. I learned a lot about how to make the pennies stretch further, so I'm going to share my little hints and tips with you...