Eggs are a fabulous source of protein and they contain several essential minerals and vitamins. Put them together with mayo and you have a versatile dish that is relatively economical and delicious.

Egg mayo is an excellent and nutritious choice for not only the kids school pack up, but your own work lunch as well. Hubs and I usually just have a sandwich for our lunch and it’s easy enough for him to just grab it out of the fridge when he’s on sandwich making duties. (He likes an easy choice).

I used to buy my egg mayo ready prepared from the supermarket, but I stopped doing that several months ago when I realised how expensive it was getting. For instance, a 250gm tub of egg mayo at the time of writing is £1.85 at Tesco, and there’s no way on this earth that I’m paying that. (I can buy 15 eggs from Lidl for that price)..

So I started making my own egg mayo. It’s really easy and if you keep it in a sealed container in the fridge, it will last for a good three days, and the added bonus is, it taste much better than the supermarket offerings, plus you know how old it is..


  • Eggs (obviously). As many or as few as you need I usually do a batch of 6.
  • Mayo. (I use the Batts low calorie from Lidl, much cheaper than the branded mayo and it tastes fine)
  • Salt/pepper to taste
  • (Optional), cress/parsley/dill/chives etc.
  • Container to store your egg mayo. (I use the plastic containers left over from takeaways, or you can buy them from home bargains etc. But any clean sealed container will do.


  • Boil eggs. I use an electric hob, so what I tend to do to save energy is start the eggs in cold water, bring to the boil then turn the hob off and let them cook just in the boiling water. If you’re using gas then boil for a couple of minutes then turn the burner off. The eggs will continue to cook/harden in the boiling water.
  • Once cool, peel your eggs and place in a large dish. then add your salt pepper and mayo, (A couple of tablespoons should do it).
  • Grab a fork and start to mash and mix the egg and mayo together until it’s well blended. I’d add your extra herbs etc at this point as well.
  • Turn it into a container with a sealed lid.

Serve on sliced bread, toast, baguettes, crackers or even a jacket potato.

I enjoy egg mayo on toast for a light tea or supper. It would also be an excellent ‘filling’ choice for the kids for breakfast.

Other ideas to add to your egg mayo include:-

  • Chopped crispy bacon
  • Diced onion
  • Mustard (I’ve not tried this yet, but I intend to).

Egg mayo is one of those really easy to make recipes that will make you wonder why you ever bought it from the supermarket. And it’s also relatively inexpensive to make. Give it a go if you’ve never attempted it before.


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