I’ve got to admit, I’ve never made a panini in my life. But when I was in Lidl the other week, I noticed they were selling panini rolls, four for a quid. I can’t resist a bargain, so I bought 4 to take home and have a bash, having absolutely no idea what I was doing.

I also wanted to have a go at making them in my air fryer. (Just nicely bought a new one).

No idea how to make panini’s, so a quick search through Google was in order. I had no idea you were meant to ‘press’ them so mine ended up being ‘unpressed lol.

This is my take on panini’s. Obviously you can just change your fillings to include whatever you have in your fridge etc. If you’re a panini purist, look away now…

I just used what I had in my fridge which were…
*Sliced Peppers
*Sliced Cooked Chicken
*Sliced Red Onion (White Onion is acceptable).
*Sliced tomatoes
*Grated Mozzarella cheese (Ordinary grated is acceptable)
*Mayo (I added just a dash of garlic to make it more tasty)

*Assemble your ingredients ready to build your panini.
*Split your rolls in half, lay your ingredients onto the bottom half then layer the rest of your ingredients on top ending with the garlic mayo.
*Add the top of the panini. This is when I realised I had a problem, because my panini’s were so ‘full’ the top half wouldn’t stay in place. I had a think, and used a couple of cocktail sticks to pin them together.
*Put them in your air fryer and air fry for aprox 5 mins until the bread turns a nice golden colour and the meat you’ve used is thoroughly heated.

Then serve with a nice salad.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed them though the cocktail sticks were a bit of a puzzle at first. Next times I’ll press them and probably wrap them in foil before cooking








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