Our  grand kids come to us from school most days of the week and as they’re usually ready to eat a scabby horse when they get in, I like to make them something really filling with plenty of veg.

This is a lamb dinner I did last week. best of all, it was really easy and quick to do..

I’d bought some huge lamb shanks from my local butchers (4 for £10) and braised them slowly in some gravy in the slow cooker for several hours (The meat practically fell off the bone). Tip, add mint sauce to the gravy, our kids love it.

I parboiled some potatoes, then roasted them in hot goose-fat so they were lovely and crisp. Peeled, chopped and steamed, carrots, steamed some broccoli and chucked some frozen petit pois peas I found in the freezer in a pan to simmer.

The kids like Yorkshire puddings with just about everything, so I added a couple from my emergency stash in the freezer.

In the interests of disclosure, this will have been smothered in mint gravy after the picture was taken as that’s how the kids like their dinners..


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